What are the features of the vertical silicone injection molding machine?

Many products in our life will be used in the production of injection molding machine, vertical silicone injection molding machine is the use of thermoplastic plastic or thermosetting plastic molding molds into plastic products of various shapes, widely used in a variety of precision equipment parts processing, so what is the function of vertical silicone injection molding machine characteristics?

1. The sliding plate and the bottom plate are made of nodular cast iron. The connection part is separated by steel belt. The lubricating oil holes greatly reduce the wear and deformation of the skateboard, and increase the service life and accuracy of the skateboard.

2. Vertical four-column direct pressure clamping, vertical injection, Chinese/English electronic control, full screen display, double proportional pressure, flow control, mechanical structure optimization, smooth operation, fast speed.

LSR liquid silicone injection moulding machine price

3. Double mode no skateboard, using double mode left and right alternating sliding, one mold forming, one mold embedded in the external work, high safety, can increase productivity by 30%-50%.

4. Diversified oil circuit system design (semi-closed, full-closed, servo or high-speed injection molding) can meet customers’ needs, and the program design can be extended to connect with automatic embedding and extraction equipment to achieve fully automatic operation.

5. Thimble can be used according to different skateboards, and the journey can be adjusted freely. Demoulding force, ejector speed and demoulding times can also be preset as required.

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