vertical injection machine

How does the vertical injection molding machine operate

Vertical injection molding machine is used to manufacture all kinds of plastic workpiece. It can help people easily manufacture all kinds of plastic parts and complete the processing and production of plastic. The operation is relatively simple and easy to understand.

Before processing, the first thing to check the oil level of hydraulic oil. The main concern is to achieve sufficient conditions of the oil storage situation. Then the most important thing is to observe the axial plunger valve, see the whole oil condition is normal. Because the oil is the key to the machine start, so before to ensure that the work will not go wrong, it is important to carefully check.

After checking the oil related problems, you can open the cooling water valve to see whether the cooling water can be supplied correctly. Finally, the operation status of each part should be finally confirmed, and then see whether the electrical control box can work normally.

After the preparation work, you can begin formal operation of vertical injection molding machine. Heat the whole barrel, let the cylinder have enough calories to add plastic to make it fully melted. Plastic after melting inside the cylinder, through the electromagnetic valve, electric mobile after mold institutions rise, when moving up the mold and plastic mold closing, closed after the injection molding process can start accordingly.

The injection plunger is pressed into the bin, and the transfer mechanism is reduced after the injection molding is completed. The last thing is to remove the mold and remove the molding parts from the plastic mold.

Mold process, this process will first move the mold mechanism to the highest position, and then install the plastic film forming in the moving template, the fixed template will be corrected to determine the template fastening in the moving template, you can run to the mold moving mold mechanism to check whether to achieve the best state.

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