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Vertical injection molding machine

Area Agent Wanted

As The Agent

To be our agent, TAIWANG machinery will offer great support to

help them to do the marketing.

Advertising Sells

For local advertisement, such as do some advertisement on local

magazine and make advertisement on road and city center. We can

share the cost of advertisement to help to do promotion.

Attend Trade Shows

For local exhibition. Generally, every country, it will have its own

famous exhibition to display the machinery and equipments, it will be a

great way to let others know us, we will offer our machine and attend

your local exhibition to let more people know us.

Training Services

promotion and negation with customers.

For the training to your sales team and technician. For every seller,

it must know his product very well, and then he is possible to sell his

product well. We will give training to your sales and help them to do

If you are ready to challenge yourself and advance your career in a performance-driven culture that recognizes and rewards achievement, we would like to meet you.

Contact Us:

    +86-13829239482   +86 13798894682
     +86 769 81701081/81929686/81929689
     +86 769 81801966
     [email protected]
     NO.127,Longyan Rd,Chongkou Industrial district,
Dongguan city,China.

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