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Excellent adhesion a wide range of thermoplastic plastics

A new-generation of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) overmolding compounds from Teknor Apex Company, Pawtucket, R.I., boast greater adhesion to a broader range of engineering thermoplastics, mold more easily, and are more economical than comparable compounds previously available from the company. In addition, the company has launched “The Overmolding Academy”, a new online resource for use of TPEs in […]

15 Things to Know About Servo-Driven Injection Machines

Drive technology for injection molding machines has been continuously evolving, and servo motors have become widely used in a variety of roles. Here’s what molders need to know about today’s servo drives in terms of cost, performance, maintenance, and training. In order to get a better understanding of today’s available machine technologies, it is important […]

What is the difference between a standard injection molding machine and a servo injection molding machine?

Servo injection moulding may mean servo valve control, servo-drive, or servo-motor. Generally, servo-drive IMMs are regarded as hydraulic machines with a servo motor (regulated to varying speed) driving a high quality, low noise pumps. For bigger machines, more servo motor+pump units are deployed. That said, all-electric machines also use servo motors, but they do not […]

What is a two-color injection molding machine?

As the name suggests it is an injection molding machine which can process 2 colors of plastic material at the same time. It normally has 2 injection units which processes one material at a time. These 2 material can be injected simultaneously or at different times based on the product requirement. A tooth brush is […]

How to choose and buy injection molding machine?

AS a professional Injection moulding machine supplier, here advise a efficient way to find a Injection molding machine. First,you had better to make it clear, what is the size of your mold and mold base ? How about the final products size length and width, as well as the thickness. The last question is what kind […]

Overmolded cable assembly knowledge

Overmolding has dramatically changed the appearance and functionality of cable assemblies over the last several decades. Through the utilization of the injection molding process, overmolding has allowed cable assemblies to have better functionality by: Allowing them to become impervious to fluids, therefore being able to be exposed to harsher environments. Providing them the ability to […]

differences between vertical injection molding machine and horizontal injection molding machine

Some differences between vertical injection molding machine and horizontal injection molding machine the injection device and the clamping device are on the same vertical centerline, and the die is opened and closed along the upper and lower directions. It covers only about half of the area of the horizontal machine, so the production of the […]

The advantages of vertical molding machine and horizontal injection molding machine

Plastic injection molding is an innovative method of molding quickly overtaking the industry due to its time and financial efficiency. However, your decisions do not stop once you choose injection molding, but instead, you will be faced with more options. One of these options is whether you prefer your product be created with a vertical […]

The Importance of Temperature and Pressure in Injection Molding

Temperatures The measurement and control of temperature plays a significant role in injection molding, but most injection molding machines do not have enough temperature measuring points or circuits, despite the relative simplicity of making the measurements. Temperature Sensing Temperatures are sensed using thermocouples on most injection molding machines. A thermocouple consists of two different wires […]

Injection molding machine automation robotic arm design applications

Manufacturers have many factors to consider when designing equipment to manufacture products in the plastics industry.  jointed robots can offer significant cost savings during mold design and manufacture, as well as during production. Using a robot to machine cavities in the part enables moldmakers to simplify mold design with fewer moving parts, like retractable cores. […]

Comparison of Jointed Arm Robot Versus Linear/Gantry Systems

Below is a chart that shows the differences between implementing a six-axis robot and a linear/gantry unit to do part extraction. Jointed Arm Robot: StiffnessShelf-mounted robots can demold parts either with force (forced removal from negative mold) or delicately (demolding from core). Despite the extended position of the shelf-mounted robot during demolding, it retains its […]

Plastic product development process

You probably do not realize the impact that the invention of plastic has had in your life. In just 60 short years, plastics’ popularity has grown considerably. This is largely due to just a few reasons. They can be easily molded into a wide range of products, and they offer benefits that other materials do not. […]