What is the difference between a standard injection molding machine and a servo injection molding machine?

Servo injection moulding may mean servo valve control, servo-drive, or servo-motor. Generally, servo-drive IMMs are regarded as hydraulic machines with a servo motor (regulated to varying speed) driving a high quality, low noise pumps. For bigger machines, more servo motor+pump units are deployed. That said, all-electric machines also use servo motors, but they do not drive hydraulic pumps. Servo-motor IMMs approach all-electric for energy efficiency, yet provide a wider performance envelope in terms of speed and power.

Standard IMM have the speed and power using AC motors (which run at one fixed speed) and various types of pumps, invariably variable volume pumps on newer machines. Though still cheaper to buy than servo-motor or all-electric, they are heavy on power consumption so more expensive to run. Standard IMMs can be modified to have variable speed control of the motor, improving the energy efficiency.

The difference is servo injection molding machine has servo system.

Standard injection molding machine is not

Servo system include servo motor,servo controller,oil pump.

It can save more power when machine working,in the industry,save more power mean save more money.

if there is any disadvantage of servo machine, i guess servo machine is a little bit expensive than standard.

In a Servo Injection Molding machine Servo motors are used in place of normal AC motors. Servo motors can be used on all the drives of the machine, like pump motors and injection drives.

Servo motors have many advantages over normal AC motors. They can be controlled more precisely, consumes less electricity, weigh less and quite. on the other hand their cost is quite high.

Some of the important features of a servo injection molding machine includes:

  • Good clamping force
  • Power consumption less
  • Faster cycle time
  • Clean room molding and silent machine
  • Stunning accuracy of position, pressure & speed
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