How to choose and buy injection molding machine?

AS a professional Injection moulding machine supplier, here advise a efficient way to find a Injection molding machine.

First,you had better to make it clear, what is the size of your mold and mold base ? How about the final products size length and width, as well as the thickness. The last question is what kind of the PVC compound you are using ?

Second, Make a study ,to what kind of ton injection machine are suitable, this you can collected sereval Injection molding machine catalogue from different suppliers to make the comparison  ,usually Injection molding machine made in Japan is in better quantity.

Third, come to the factory for a closer inspection ,and negotiate with the manufacture. During the discussion, one standard you must keep in mind, Â the tunnel material weight can not exceed the maximum amount of 75%,to keep the production steady.

The correct choice of the type and specification of the injection molding machine before use, has a greater impact on the production cost, quality and production efficiency of injection molded products.

Before selecting the specifications of the injection molding machine, first check the performance parameters of the injection molding machine in the product manual provided by the manufacturer of the injection molding machine.

These parameter values ​​are the main performance characteristics of the injection molding machine.

According to some technical requirements of the plastic products to be produced [such as the type of raw materials used in the products, the grades, the quality (weight) of the products and the external dimensions, etc.]

The parameter values ​​of the injection molding machine corresponding to these parameter values ​​are the injection molding machines to be purchased.

At the same time, we must also understand the working precision, speed and product accuracy level of the injection molding machine to be purchased, and whether it meets the molding conditions of the product.

The key data in the specification model include: the ratio of the mass (or volume) and the external dimensions of the injection molded product to the parameter values ​​in the equipment, that is, the ratio between the mass (weight) of the product and the theoretical injection volume (or volume) of the injection molding machine.

Relationship: The dimensional requirements between the length (height) dimension of the article and the dimension of the thickness of the forming die (the thickness of the die on the moving die plate) and the distance traveled by the moving die of the injection molding machine. In addition, it should be verified that the size of the mold to be installed on the injection molding machine is consistent with the conditions of the injection molding machine:

1) The spacing of the tie rods should be larger than the width and height of the mold to facilitate the assembly of the mold.

2) The size of the template meets the dimensional requirements when the molding die is installed and fixed.

3) The width and height dimensions of the mold must conform to the minimum mold size recommended by the injection molding machine.

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