differences between vertical injection molding machine and horizontal injection molding machine

Some differences between vertical injection molding machine and horizontal injection molding machine

the injection device and the clamping device are on the same vertical centerline, and the die is opened and closed along the upper and lower directions. It covers only about half of the area of the horizontal machine, so the production of the converted area is about twice as large as that of the horizontal machine.

easy to achieve insert molding. Because the die surface is upwards, the inserts are easy to locate. Full automatic insert forming can be easily realized by using fixed lower formwork and movable upper formwork, combined with belt pulling conveyor and manipulator. But now more advanced horizontal injection moulding machine can also be very good to achieve insert moulding, and vertical has no big difference.

The weight of the die is supported by the horizontal formwork to open and close up and down, which will not cause the front inversion of the die caused by the gravity of the horizontal machine, making the template unable to open and close. It helps to maintain the accuracy of machinery and die.By simple manipulator, each plastic cavity can be removed, which is conducive to precision molding.

The general clamping device is open and easy to be equipped with various kinds of automation devices, which is suitable for the automatic forming of complex and exquisite products.

the belt conveying and conveying device is easy to realize the intermediate installation through the mould, so that it is easy to realize automatic production.

there is an advantage in ensuring consistency of mold fluidity and mold temperature distribution.

Equipped with revolving table, moving table and inclined table, it is easy to realize inlay forming and die combination forming.

small batch trial production, the mold structure is simple, low cost, and easy to uninstall.

It has been tested by many earthquakes. Because of its low center of gravity, vertical machines are better than horizontal ones.

Vertical Insert Advantages:

  • Space Saving – Vertical injection molding machinery takes up half the space compared to horizontal machines used for the same functions.
  • Vertical injection molding machines allow for insert or plastic-metal combined component molding.
  • Gravity dislocation is eliminated due to the vertical injection machine mold alignment. Molds are aligned and supported in the vertical machine with more durability.
  • Vertical clamp units are versatile and accommodate attachments.
  • Automatic operation is ideal for the vertical clamp injection molding machinery without the use of an attendant.
  • A wide selection of the vertical clamp unit options also makes it appealing.
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