Maintenance tips for vertical injection molding machine failure

1. After starting the motor of the vertical injection molding machine, the pressure gauge has pressure


The amplifier board is broken. Use a multimeter to test if current is flowing through the amplifier plate. The overflow valve is stuck. Remove the overflow valve and clean the valve.

2, vertical injection molding machine boot production for a period of time, oil pump loud fault treatment


Suction pipe quality is not good, remove the filter to check whether the deformation. Whether the suction pipe is stratified. Replace tubing and strainer. The strainer is not clean. Too much impurity in hydraulic oil. Clean the strainer. Oil pump wear: check the oil distribution plate and rotor end face of the oil pump. Replace the oil pump.

3, vertical injection molding machine mold opening sound fault treatment


Poor proportion and linearity, poor adjustment of opening and closing time position, check the amplification plate slant rise and fall, adjust the amplification plate slant rise and fall, and adjust the time properly.

Each kind of fault has its main characteristic, namely so-called fault mode, or fault state. All kinds of plastic injection machine failure state is quite complex, but can induce the following several kinds: abnormal vibration, mechanical wear, the input signal does not let the computer to accept, the electromagnetic valve no output signal, mechanical hydraulic components rupture,, proportion of linear disturbance, oil pump, hydraulic pressure drop, hydraulic leakage fault, hydraulic circuit noise, aging, abnormal sound, degradation of oil, no output power supply pressure drop, amplifier board, temperature control and others. Different types of vertical injection molding machine failure mode of the proportion is different.

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