Actuality and tendency of China injection machine industry

Injection machine industry in China began in the late 1950s. After nearly 50 years development ,
especially the rapid development of reform and opening up, and the leap-forward development after
enter new century,it has gone through zero to one to achieved brilliant results, and tremendous
changes,which result in China injection machine industry has become attention of world from
obscurity,what’smore its yield ranks first in the world so that China is a veritable injection
machine manufacturing industry country. Although China is not a manufacturing powerhouse for
injection machine, domestic injection machine manufacturer is trying their best to upgrade and
surpass advanced world level,in order to creat a more powerful country for injection machine.

There is a reason why China injection machine is widely focused
At present, the development of China is being paid worldwide attention. Firstly, the annual output
of injection machine is the first in the world,so it plays a significant role on the world with
inestimable effect. Secondly, the export amount of China Increase continuously, and the total value
of exports is raising sharply , which result in it brings new change in the global plastic machine
market. Thirdly, the advantages of China injection machinery are obvious, not only the product
quality is assured, but also cost performance is high so that it has huge competitive in foreign
markets. Besides, the development speed of China injection machinery has amazed the peer in the
world, also industrial structure enhance constantly, product upgrade rapidly.As a consequence,China
injection machinery is broadening larger range, wider field.

Current situation of China injection machinery industry
With the continuous and rapid development of China injection machinery industry, China injection
machinery have received global recognition which is raising sharply.
At present, China injection machinery industry not only has a promising huge market, but also forms
an industrial system with complete industrial chain, considerable scale, and advanced technology,
which basically can meet domestic demand and own awesome international competitiveness. As a
result,it shapes remarkable industrial group and enterprise across the world.

According to the statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics and the General Administration of
Customs of China, there is a stably incresase since 2007,as follows.
(1) The total scale has been continuously expanded.Main performance is: “double raise, double
breakthroughs.” “Double raise” means: one is that the number of enterprises whose income is
increasing and over 5 million yuan . Second, the number of employees are increasing constantly.
“Double breakthroughs” means: First, the total industrial asset exceeded 20 billion yuan at the
first time.Second, the total industrial output value surpass 20 billion yuan at the first time.
(2) The total sales continues to leap. The main performance is: “two steps.” First, the total sales
overed 20 billion yuan at the first time. Second, the sales income exceeded 20 billion yuan at the
first time.
(3) Export income is raising continuously . The export delivery value of the whole industry
increased from RMB 3.402 billion in 2006 to RMB 4.166 billion in 2007, which increased by 36.92%.
(4) Industry profit raised constantly.Especially ,industrial total profit increased significantly;
the industrial annual profit rate and corporate profit went up obviously
(5) The scientific and technological capacity enhance continuously. Nearly 10 colleges and
universities in China have set up plastic molding machinery and have master’s training
qualifications.Besides, two key universities have established doctoral programs. In China, plastic
machine industry, there are 3 national-level professional research centers (national engineering
research center for polymer molding equipment, plastic machinery technology development center and
national mold research center), specifically,1 national enterprise technology center,10 research
institutes in provinces and cities, 2 professional testing centers, and 10 professional research
institutes.More than 1,000 professors and expertises engaged in research. The number of professional
and technical have been increasing, and the research results are quite fruitful.
(6) The product category is constantly complete. The main products of China injection machinery
industry can be divided into 4 fields,53 different types, and hundreds of varieties. The major
products are: compounding equipment, injection molding machine, extrusion line, hollow molding
machine, calendering,various secondary operation equipment and supporting equipments,which have
formed a complete production system.
(7) The achievement of “three new” are constantly emerging. With the continuous enhancement of
technological innovation and independent innovation awareness of China plastic machine manufacturer,
the technological capability continue to improve and creat new technology, new products and new
achievements are raising. Furthermore, the development of late-model injection molding machines has
been successful. In recent years, the late-model injection molding machine developed by China plastic
machine enterprises mainly including: optical disc injection molding machines, micro injection
molding machines, and all-electric injection molding machines.
(8) Industry upgraded rapidly. Through the development of injection machine in the new century,
China plastic machinery industry has entered a new stage that must be promoted through structural
optimization and promotion. Thus, China plastic machinery industry must establish and implement
scientific development concept as the a key to improve the optimization and upgrading of industrial
structure, also actively promote industrial upgrading to transform growth methods,enhance growth
quality,efficiency, and the international competitiveness of the industry. The important is to
create atmosphere of industrial harmony, strengthen the guidance of industrial upgrading, strengthen
technical communication,technical training, and promotion of new technologies, publicity of new
product and new achievements.

3. the development trend of China plastic machine industry is leaded by following 5 major aspects.
At present, the China plastic machinery industry has five major opportunities. Firstly, the process
of industrialization is promoted by authority. In terms of equipment manufacturing industry, includes
plastic machinery, it will have to maintain a fairly prosperous period, which will inevitably enhance
plastics industry to increase sharply.
Secondly, currently,New rural construction and urbanization process is accelerated quickly by
government in order to open up new field and service room. Third,the China machinery industry has
obvious international comparative advantages. Besides,economic globalization and international
industrial transfer will further stimulate the export of China mechanical and electrical products,
including plastic machinery, and provide tremendous impetus for development of industry. Fourth,
policy effect of the party and the state plays a significant role, and it will surely guide
development of China plastic machinery industry.
The developmental trend of China plastic machine industry is embodied by the following.
(1) Breaking boundaries of the original industry, the service of plastic machinery for various
industries has been fixed and developed in depth, which may lead todirect market consumption, but it
must be noted that guidance must be right .
(2) When conditions are permitted, through various means such as joint ventures,cooperation, learn
from foreign advanced products and processes and equipment to develop our plastic presses and
vigorously improve the technical level.
(3) The domestic low-end market will be squeezed constantly,some enterprises will be divided and
some companies will reduce the proportion of plastic machinery and transfer, also, some will open up
foreign markets in order to avoid domestic harmful effect.
(4) Socialization collaboration will be mature gradually, and a few manufacturers will
concentrate on enlarging business in certain markets.
(5) A number of promising and powerful enterprises have begun to raise investment in science and
technology field in order to employ scientific and technical professional rapidly.


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