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Actuality and tendency of China injection machine industry

Injection machine industry in China began in the late 1950s. After nearly 50 years development , especially the rapid development of reform and opening up, and the leap-forward development after enter new century,it has gone through zero to one to achieved brilliant results, and tremendous changes,which result in China injection machine industry has become attention […]

How to choose high quality machine and manufacturer

Along with the rapid development of industry, vertical injection molding machines have covered all areas of the national economy gradually. More and more manufacturers are springing up like mushrooms, and the market for vertical injection molding machines is getting intense increasingly,also some manufacturers not only make products all over the country, but also they have […]

Plastic material problem analysis

    What if the TPE product needs highly smooth surface, it must be dried before injecting. Generally, it is hopper type drying 70~80°C/2h or tray drying 80~100°C/1h. Regarding tray drying, it should be noted that the thickness of the prepreg layer should not exceed 50mm. It is recommended to use tray drying. If there is foaming on […]

How to define precision injection molding machine chapter 2

How to define precision injection molding machine chapter 2   The accuracy of the displacement sensor is required to reach at least 0.1 mm,so the metering stroke,injection stroke and thickness of the residual mat (injection monitoring point) can be strictly controlled,also ensure every shot accurately and improve the molding accuracy of the product. 2.barrel and […]

How to define precision injection molding machine chapter 1

                                       How to define precision injection molding machine chapter1  precision injection molding machine TaiWang brand  is suitable for high quality plastic products.So,let’s see how to measure or judge a precision injection machine ? Generally, precision injection molding machine […]