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How to choose high quality machine and manufacturer

Along with the rapid development of industry, vertical injection molding machines have covered all areas of the national economy gradually. More and more manufacturers are springing up like mushrooms, and the market for vertical injection molding machines is getting intense increasingly,also some manufacturers not only make products all over the country, but also they have their own brands in overseas such as Europe, Japan, Australia, India, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

However, there are many undesirable manufacturers on the market who only pursue immediate interests and save production cost. Thus,They cut corners during the production process so that the defective good with potential risk can be seen everywhere.

Face dishonest manufacturers, everyone must be vigilant. So, how do to choose manufactures of high-quality vertical injection molding machine ? What issues should be pay attention when we are purchasing a vertical injection molding machine?

There are four references.

1.Is there a certificate regarding product and quality ?

For example, Does it pass the ISO9000 quality management and European CE certificate ? Does it reach product technology and safety performance standards ? Besides, the instruction manual, software operating instructions, and certificate must be checked carefully.

2.Choose well know brands with high reputation,because they are recognized by customer.

3.Whether the technology of important parts is advanced or not .

For instance, Some core components such as hydraulic pumps,hydraulic motors, hydraulic valves and etc are extremely significant and valuable.

4.low noise, high reliability, environmentally friendly and energy saving one is getting popular and popular

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