vertical injection moulding machine

Timing inspection of vertical injection molding machines

一. Thread fastening of molds and moving parts.
At least one important threaded connection should be retightened once a week. For general threaded connections, you should always feel loose at any time.
二, the fastening of the limit switch bolt. To ensure the reliability of the vertical injection molding machine, the bolts or screws of the limit switch should be tightened at least once a week. Usually the limit switch will be subject to frequent collisions during operation, which may cause the bolt to loose or fall.
三, the inspection of the cooler.
Vertical injection molding machine hydraulic oil operating temperature is generally between 45-50 degrees, because the hydraulic system is designed according to the viscosity of a certain hydraulic oil, and the viscosity will change with the oil temperature, which affects the system Working elements (hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic valves, etc.) reduce control accuracy and response sensitivity. The temperature of the hydraulic oil can be controlled by the oil cooler so that the flow of the oil cooler water flow can be checked to control the cooling effect. The leak of the cooler control valve and fittings should be checked once a week.

四, monthly inspections and maintenance.
1. The working state of the heating coil.
A careful inspection of the heating coil should be carried out every month to ensure the normal operation of the heating coil. Check whether there is resin on the skin of the heating ring, whether the heating coil is loose, whether the terminal is loose, and whether the skin of the heating ring is damaged.
2. Clean and scrub the unit.
Check the oil leakage of the hydraulic parts, pipe joints and lubrication parts, and wipe the outer parts of the hydraulic parts and the lubrication surfaces with cotton yarns. Be careful not to leave the cotton yarn on the lubrication surface.
Check the ventilation filter in the electric control cabinet. If there is any pollution, remove it and clean it in time.
Wipe off the dirty lubricant on the track of each moving part and refill the clean oil.
Wipe the control panel or computer with sponge and water to remove dust and debris.
3. Check all bolts on the vertical injection molding machine, focusing on the bolts at the barrel and nozzle connections, the control line connection bolts in the electric control cabinet, and the clamping nut bolts.
五. Annual routine inspection and maintenance projects.
1. Inspection of hydraulic oil. Generally, the new machine will clean the fuel tank and filter once after three months of use. Check the hydraulic oil every six months to see if it is clean and free of air bubbles. If the hydraulic fluid has been contaminated or deteriorated, you should consider changing the oil.
2. Check the surface of the tie rod.
3. Maintenance of the electronic control system. Check if the fuse in the power distribution cabinet is loose. If it is loose, it should be tightened. The conductor of the main circuit is tested for insulation by using an alternating current to check its insulation performance. Note that if the DC test is used for the insulation test, the equipment may be damaged. If the noise from the motor is too high, it should be diagnosed and eliminated in time.

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