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Process of vertical injection molding machine Handling Precautions

Vertical injection molding machine to develop good habits to improve the life of the machine operation and safety are good. First, before the vertical injection molding machine boot: (1) vertical injection molding machine to check whether there is electrical control box, water, oil enter, if electrical damp, do not boot. Maintenance personnel should be dry […]

Timing inspection of vertical injection molding machines

一. Thread fastening of molds and moving parts. At least one important threaded connection should be retightened once a week. For general threaded connections, you should always feel loose at any time. 二, the fastening of the limit switch bolt. To ensure the reliability of the vertical injection molding machine, the bolts or screws of […]

Reasons for choosing the brand of injection molding machine

In the process of selecting the brand of injection molding machine, people must have a more cautious attitude, which is the premise of making a choice. Some people in the process of choice, their specific attitude is not serious, and there will even be many problems. If you can further understand, then there are too […]

Precautions for the use of vertical injection molding machines

Vertical injection molding machines, as the name implies, are machines that inject liquid plastic into the mold. It consists of seven parts, injection system, clamping system, hydraulic system, electrical system, lubrication system, heating and cooling system and safety monitoring system. Vertical injection molding machines are commonly used in the production of small plastic parts, such […]

Vertical injection molding machine features

Vertical injection molding machine features: 1. The injection device and the clamping device are on the same vertical center line, and the mold is opened and closed in the up and down direction. The footprint is only about half of the horizontal machine, so it is about twice as large as the floor space. 2, […]

Opening and closing of the mold

  In general, the mold opening and closing time used by most injection molding machines is slower than the reference time (about 100-359%). This difference is related to the weight, size and complexity of the mold, as well as the safety protection of the mold. Related to prevent mold damage during operation. Typical mold opening […]

TaiWang vertical injection moulding machine manufacturer

Dongguan Taiwang Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of vertical plastic injection molding machines and has passed CE certification. The factory has an area of ​​more than 5,000 square meters, accumulated more than 20 years of experience in the development and manufacture of vertical injection molding machines, manufacturing a large number of high-precision injection […]