Opening and closing of the mold


In general, the mold opening and closing time used by most injection molding machines is slower than the reference time (about 100-359%). This difference is related to the weight, size and complexity of the mold, as well as the safety protection of the mold. Related to prevent mold damage during operation.
Typical mold opening and closing times are as follows (tcm: time unit quoted by the injection molding machine):
Traditional double plate mold: 1-2tcm
Composite molds (including the use of side cores and screw-out devices) and multi-plate molds: 2-3.5tcm
If the mold opening and closing time is 15% more than the actual operation time, then you need to modify the mold or use another injection molding machine to shorten the time. The newer injection molding machine provides faster opening and closing speeds, using low mold opening and closing (mold sensing) pressure to initiate the clamping force to close the mold.
The operator of the injection molding machine often does not pay attention to the speed or time of the board of a particular injection molding machine, and sets the mold opening and closing time with personal experience, which often makes the operation time long. A one-second reduction in a ten-second operation immediately yields a 10% improvement. This improvement is often the difference between profit and loss. Learning technology should be studied hard, and it will take time to improve their own technical level.




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