vertical injection molding machine

How to choose vertical injection moulding machine?

We lived surrounded by rubber plastic products,for hlep manufacturing various plastic products, Dongguan Taiwang Machinery Co.,LTD focus on rubber plastic vertical injection molding machine since 1988s. Over 30 years manufacturing,research and testing, TAIWANG really understand full story of plastic injection, especially for insert molding processing.

Our factory at shijie town, Dongguan city with 15000  square meters. Manufacturing of vertical precision injection molding machine, LSR liquid injection molding machine and multi color/material injection molding machine.

Normal vertical injection moulding machine including

1. Standard type vertical injection machine

vertical injection mahcine
TW-T-C Vertical Injection Moulding Machine

TW-T-C vertical injection moulding machine specifically use for soft plastic material,such PVC, TPE, TPU, TPR,PU etc.It is good to make power plugs(including AC/DC 2pin/3pin electric plugs,mobile usb cable head,earphone,cable connector etc)

vertical injection moulding machine
TW-V-C Series Vertical Injection Moulding Machine

TW-V-C series vertical injection moulding machine specifically use for insert molding processing by engineering plastics(such as PPT, PA6, LCP, POM,PC etc) material

2.Sliding table type plastic vertical injection machine

Sliding table plastic injection machine including single slide table series and double slide table series

Sliding table vertical injection machine
TW-V-1S single sliding table vertical injection molding machine

Single sliding table injection moulding machine, vertical injection-clamping, high productivity come from  slide table, also make your plastic vertical injection molding machine more easily co-operate with industrial robot.

Double sliding table vertical injection machine
TW-V-2S doubel slide table vertical injection moulding machine

TW-V-2S Vertical injection moulding machine
 with double slide table,2 working stations, make your machine achieve high productivity and take-out process more easy.

3.Rotary table vertical injection molding machine

vertical injection modling machine

TW-VR-2C Rotary Table Vertical Injection Machine

TW-VR-2C Rotary Table Vertical Injection Machine,rotary table type,only requires one worker to operate, the rotary table can back and forth 180 degrees in the same horizontal plane, allowing the operator to take and insert the insert on the fixed operation surface. It can be equipped with 2-4 molds, with obvious High output, low labor costs.

4.Multi color/material vertical injection moulding machine

multi color material vertical injection machine
TW-VR-TC double color/material rotary tabel vertical injection machine

Double color injection machine can be used to diversify your products while saving on mold and labor costs. It also provides you with a new idea for the production of a new era of products.

Other special type plastic vertical injection moulding machine

1.LSR liquid silicone injection molding machine

Liquid silicone injection machine
TW-V-G LSR liquid silicone injection molding machine

LSR silicone injection machine for make silicon products by liquid silicon ematerial

2.Tie-Barless vertical injection machine

tie barless vertical inejction machine
TWS tie barless vertical inejction machine

3.C-Type plastic injection molding machine

C tye vertical injection machine

C type vertical injection moulding machine specially for making large quantity power plus,machine can be equipped with 8-16 cavity mold for plugs,even the 3 pin electric plugs.

4.High speed vertical injection molding machine

high speed vertical injection machine

5.Bakelite Machine

Bakelite Machine

Most people use the bakelite  machine to make high temperature resistance products,such as kitchen ware handle,led cup etc

6.Iron(SMD) machine  series

Iron(SMD) machine  series

Iron(SMD) machine  series used for making electrical inductance

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