5 meter AC DC wire cutting machine with cable stripping function

1.Four-wheel drive with high precision
2.Short-line design can cut 5mm both ends, can be fully peeled or semi-skinned or multi-segmented in the middle
3.Applicable to various enterprises Wire processing enterprises / Transformer production factory socket manufacturers and other enterprises that need to use wire cutting and stripping process
4.Can be used for cutting materials and can be used for cable tie cutting, heat shrinkable tube cutting, casing cutting
5.Environmental protection and energy saving from Japanese tool holder structure, low noise and low energy consumption
6.Fine workmanship, fine workmanship, beautiful appearance, preferred cutting machinemachine.

 5 meter AC DC wire cutting machine with cable stripping function
Outer dimensionsL418mm*W358mm*H308mm
Power supply220V
Power consumption(220V)400W
DisplayEnglish or Chinese interface
Cutting length0.1mm–99999.99mm  
Cutting tolerances±( 0.002×L )mm  L : indicates a cutting length.
Stripping length0.5mm–30mm
Applicable wiresPVC and Teflon wire, glass wire,1015,1017,PVC,XPL spring wire, steel iron wire , copper wire, PVC tube, rubber pipe.ect
Size0.1-6mm2 multi strands soft wire
0.1- 1mm2  single strand hard wire
Wire feed speedvariable
Conduit diameter1-6mm
Drive supply four-wheels drive,independent drive box driver


  • Exceptional price to performance ratio
  •  Intuitive, flexible and simple User-friendly english operation
  •  Extremely low maintenance
  • Light and portable,High performance
  •  High speed, high precision

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