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Vertical injection molding machine, the machine can produce all kinds of insulation plastic handle screwdriver, pliers, hand twist screws, expansion screws, plastic bags nails, nylon screw nut and other products


♦ Quick response checking valve

♦ Dual alloy 39CrMoAl screw and barrel

♦ High response and double cylinder injection system with automatic conversion function

♦ Screw back pressure control

♦Top brands hydraulic parts ensure machine fast and stable

♦Visible and dischargeable oil tank, easy for hydraulic circuit maintenance

♦Top brand hydraulic pipe fits with seal, no leaking

♦High response hydraulic circuit,0.05S to reach the maximum power output

♦ Top brands electric parts supporting

♦ High class color screen controller

♦ Three color tower light with alarm

♦ Euro standard safety standard


1.TaiWang injection molding machine is suitable for multi-purpose injection molding.
2.The following materials are suitable for our products:GPPS, HIPS, SAN, ABS,LDPE, HDPE,PP, PPO, PA6, PA66, ACEAL COPOLYMER, CAB, PET, PBT,PC, PMMA, hard PVC, soft PVC,PU, EVA, PSF, , BMC.
3.TaiWang vertical injection machine are widely applied to produce various terminal blocks, household appliances, consumer electronics, power tools, automotive dashboards, medical devices, open containers, cables,auto parts, Plug ,etc.
4. Overall, our vertical injection molding machines.Wide-range of materials such as plastic, rubber, silicone could be fromed according to your requirment and available to different industry like auto, electron, medical, living goods and shoe industry.

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